Marshfield, MA
Marshfield, Massachusetts

The beauty of Marshfield is found not only in its splendid landscapes and dramatic ocean vistas, but in its people, opportunities and natural resources as well. A town of great diversity, Marshfield reflects a deep community spirit and pride. Its relaxed, unhurried, genteel atmosphere began drawing settlers as early as 1628 when Edward Winslow, one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact moved there from Plymouth. Two centuries later, the great statesman and orator Daniel Webster found Marshfield a "haven" where he could hunt, farm and fish and put the demands of a hectic political life aside.

Because the landscape is so varied, it has enabled a wide range of industrial endeavors and businesses to flourish over the years, and it has encouraged a diversity of lifestyles that compliment its natural history. The town's beauty is preserved in its 20 miles of rivers and streams, ponds, marsh, dunes, hills and five mile stretch of beach. On a clear day, an observer standing atop a hill overlooking the sparkling blue Atlantic Ocean can see the buildings of Provincetown 26 miles away at the tip of Cape Cod.

Through its traditional New England Town Meeting form of government, Marshfield has restricted its growth by virtually eliminating new apartment and condominium construction. The town has also purchased acres of land to be held in conservation, a visionary action reflecting sensitivity in maintaining the ecological balance and in controlling future growth. Recreational activities are important in Marshfield, which boasts miles of trails set aside exclusively for horseback riding, as well as two 18-hole golf courses (one private and one public), ball fields, tennis courts, and a youth center. Beaches, quaint harbors and ponds invite swimming, boating and fishing.

Education and cultural events are sources of pride and commitment for Marshfield residents. Four elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school serve the needs of children, and school officials work closely with the community to keep citizens informed of new programs, curriculum changes and to seek input on innovative educational ideas. Students are encouraged to take advantage of special programs offered by the town, including one which enables them to acquire a lobster fishing license and work commercially during the summer months.

A 50,000 volume library opened in a new facility in 1984offers information programs, lectures, children's' story hour, recording facilities and a microcomputer for public use. WATD-FM, a popular regional radio station, also broadcasts from Marshfield. During the Thirties, adventurous aviators carved out a grass landing strip, which has developed into one of the best general airports in Southeastern Massachusetts. Services include complete maintenance, full flight training facilities, sightseeing flights and charter flights to more than 500 airports in the Northeast.

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