Cohasset Harbor

Cohasset, Massachusetts

The original Indian name, Quonahasset, means, "long rocky place", which accurately describes the long fingers of rock reaching into the ocean - still the town's most prominent physical feature. Discovered in 1614, Cohasset has a population of 7500 in 10 square miles and is situated 23 miles South of Boston. Carved out of the rugged New England coastline, Cohasset is a community of striking contrasts. To the East, the deep blue Atlantic Ocean extends beyond the horizon, broken only by Minot's Light, blinking, 1-4-3 (I Love You). Inland from the sandy beaches and hidden coves that have attracted inhabitants with their beauty and tranquility for centuries, we find a pristinely elegant landscape of rolling hills, tree canopied roadways, spacious lawns of stately homes, dramatic contemporary houses, Mediterranean villas and sea weathered captain's cottages as well as 750 acres of recreational land set aside for hiking, horseback riding, and walking.

Cohasset is the home of the South Shore Art Center, the South Shore Music Circus, and also boasts a private golf club, an indoor tennis club, a yacht club, a sailing club and a swimming club. Education has always been a major concern of the townspeople, who voted to construct a new $9,890,000 elementary school beginning in 1996. Cohasset is a fine example of excellent year round vacation living.

Minot Light

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